for Grant Applicant

Instructions for Grant Applicant


The applications are targeted for the commissioner of the Foundation in free format. The project shall relate to the purposes of the Foundation. Commissioner’s contact information is on the bottom of this page.

The application shall include

  • Name and contact information of the applicant (address, email, phone)
  • Amount of applied funding
  • Description and timetable of the project
  • Reasoning on the contacts on how the project relates to land surveying
  • If the application is for scientific research, a reference letter by instructor and/or supervisor

The board of the Foundation decides on the applications in their meeting in March. The DL for applications is January 31st.

The applicant gives permission to publish their name and description of the project on the Foundation’s webpage if the application is approved.

The grant is paid in two parts. The first part is paid when the application is approved, and the second part after the project is finished.

The grant receiver shall report yearly to the commissioner on: 1) the progression of the project, and 2) the estimated finish date of the project.

The grant is typically not meant for basic degrees such as Bachelor’s or Master’s theses.

The maximum amount of the grant for a doctoral thesis is 3000 €.